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Colorado Homestead Ranches is composed of a co-op of six family ranches that are committed to bringing the public quality all natural beef products.  The ranchers who own Colorado Homestead Ranches guarantee that the cattle are fed without the use of antibiotics or growth hormones.  The cattle are bred, born, and raised on family owned and operated ranches.  Because the cattle are raised on the family ranches, they are subjected to much less stress and, therefore, less susceptible to disease.

When each animal is properly finished, it is humanely shipped to our own USDA inspected processing plant, Homestead Meats.  To ensure tenderness, the beef is aged on the rail for 14 days, a time honored practice rarely used in today's hurried world.

About the Ranches

Colorado Homestead Ranches is owned and operated by a co-op of six family ranches.  These ranches are:

  •     Mt. Lamborn Ranches
  •     Campbell & Sons
  •     Karl and Joetta Burns, REW Land and Cattle Company
  •     Ayer & Ayer Ranch
  •     Norman & Susan Smith
  •     LeValley Ranch

The six ranches that form the co-operative have been recognized by many different organizations for their stewardship of the land.  Most of the families involved came to the North Fork Valley before 1900.  Two of the ranches are Colorado 'Centennial Ranches'.  This prized designation indicates the ranch has been owned by the same family for more than 100 years.  Another received the 'Ranch Family of the Year Award' in 1998 from Colorado Cattlemen's Association and one of the other ranches involved with the co-op was named the 'Soil Conservationist of the Year' in 1997.

LeValley's moving cattle.    Campbell Ranch in the winter.    Cambell's sorting cows.

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